At Alpha Fire & Security our main focus is not to just meet our customer’s expectations but to exceed them. Over the past decade, we have provided custom and integrated systems across a diverse range of industries. Our NICET – Level 4 certified designers and engineers excel at creating a comprehensive fire alarm and security system to meet the specific requirements of each company’s unique security needs.

System Design And Engineering Group

The security needs of retail, commercial and industrial businesses are ever changing, as is the technology required to create these multifaceted systems. Because of the complexity of today’s security systems and our commitment to excellence at Alpha Fire & Security, we employ a full-service system design and engineering group to assess each fire and security project. This approach allows for a high level of planning and a progressive analysis toward future expansion, while examining the requirements of long-term maintenance and service of these systems.

Fire Alarm And Security System – Installation Team

Construction trade work requires attention to detail, flexibility and a commitment to working within a project schedule. While also providing quality installations, paying attention to worksite safety and having the ability to work with other trades.

The Alpha Fire & Security installation team includes estimators, coordinators, project managers and NICET certified fire alarm and security technicians who undergo continuous education and training for certification, job safety and product knowledge. Our goal is to be so knowledgeable about our product and be so reliable on the job and in our work that the thought to look elsewhere, for a fire and security company, never occurs.

Ongoing Service And Support

Design and installation of life and security systems are the foundation for protecting human and material assets long term. Yet, our services don’t end at the completion of the project. Alpha Fire & Security protects your interests by offering 24/7 UL Listed monitoring, fire alarm confidence testing, life safety inspections and service program.

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Where integrity, experience and expertise meet – Alpha Fire & Security is your fire alarm and security professional. We provide you with fire alarm and security systems tailored to meet the unique risk of each industry’s built and surrounding environments. From consultation, design and installation to monitoring, repair and inspections, Alpha Fire & Security is at your service.