Property Management

Fire Alarm & Surveillance

Property managers today have greater and more diverse responsibilities than in the past. To meet these additional demands, managers require a team of dependable and knowledgeable people to help ensure the safety and security of their properties and tenants.

To make your work easier, Alpha Fire & Security provides a host of services: from consultation, design, installation and inspections, to 24/7, UL Listed system monitoring, repair and emergency services for multi-resident properties like office buildings and apartments.

We create unique fire and security systems tailored to your property’s needs and budget. We offer a selection of top-rated products that comprise an integrated system that secures property, protects tenants and provides you with the data you need to make vital decisions about your fire and security systems now and into the future.

System features that help to make your work more efficient include remote access, which allows you to keep your eye on multiple properties whenever and wherever you are, card scanners to monitor access to properties and restricted areas and web hosting, which takes the responsibility of surveillance data storage out of your hands and puts it in the cloud.

But the conveninence of having a fire and security company with all of our services under one umbrella isn’t our only invitation to streamlining your protection systems. Alpha Fire & Security also offers you experience and expertise.

For over a decade, our customers have come to expect the exceptional thoroughness of our NICET certified Level IV and UL Listed design engineers and NICET fire and security installation experts. Our team of professionals are all current in AHJ, national and model building codes and manufacturers’ installation and specification requirements.

As a property manager, the safety and security of your tenants and properties is a priority, why not let Alpha Fire & Security take on some of that responsibility? Call us for a fire and security system consultation of your properties.