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    Fire Alarm Installation

    At Alpha Fire & Security Systems, we have pride in the knowledge and abilities of our electrical crew. Our crew members produce top quality work each and every day and continually strive for excellent service, safe work practices and reliability to insure long-term relationships with our customers.

    Quality is the keystone, in which Alpha Fire & Security Systems was built, and it has not changed in all these years – and it will never change. We truly believe if we allowed the quality of our electrical installations to drop, our phone would stop ringing.

    We also believe that top quality electrical fire alarm installations do not necessarily have to be more expensive. We have found over the years that if an electrician regularly produces a quality product and is proud of what his labor has produced his productivity is equal to or better than the norm. I can tell you that before any electrician receives a job offer at Alpha Fire & Security Systems he or she must first understand how serious we are about quality and agree to assist us in maintaining our normal standards.

    Fire Alarm Installation Service Cost

    We’re committed to serving you, and we guarantee friendly, helpful customer service. Call us anytime.

    • We Respond Quickly by Phone or Email.
    • We Answer Questions Honestly.
    • And We Show Up on Time.

    Bottom line, we care about our customers and their safety and make it our business to solve their security, fire protection, and data networking issues.

    Winfield NJ Fire Alarm Installation

    Fire alarm installation systems are becoming a critical requirement in new construction. Older buildings must be updated with new fire protection systems. Alpha Fire & Security Systems will work with your fire alarm company to install the hardware and cabling system for your fire alarm system. If you prefer, we can be the general contractor and provide the equipment and hire the fire alarm company to program, test and certify the system. Either way, Alpha Fire & Security Systems is your contractor to ensure your system is professionally installed.
    Services include:
    • Smoke Detectors
    • Light Probes
    • Multiple Building Fire Alarm Installation
    • Sub-floor Installations
    • Dry Systems for Computer Rooms
    • Fire Suppression Systems for Computer Rooms

    Fire Alarm Installation Near Me

    Understating fire alarm Requirements by NFPA72, as well as 70 and 101 are key to proper fire alarm installation services.
    We Service:

    • Fire Alarm Evacuation Systems
    • Wireless Fire Alarm System
    • Fire Alarm One-way Voice Systems
    • Carbon Monoxide Systems
    • Multi-facility Fire Alarm Systems
    • Old Coded 1968 Fire Alarm Systems

    Best Local Fire Alarm Installation 07069

    Fire Alarm Designs Done Right
    We provide NICET IV fire alarm system design for electrical and fire alarm contractors in New Jersey. Our expert team is fully trained and committed to providing the best fire alarm design and drafting services, ensuring complete fire safety codes compliance.

    Price Quote Fire Alarm Installation Berkeley Heights NJ

    We perform all our fire alarms system design, engineering and testing in house. All of our designers are NICET certified, and pass local code and jurisdiction requirements for all types of fire alarm systems. We are proud to be a one-stop solution for fire alarm systems in New Jersey.

    Fire Alarm Design
    Our Fire Alarm Design Solutions Include:
    • Drafting, Design & Engineering
    • Filling and Expediting with DOB & FDNJ
    • Fire Alarm Design Violations
    • Fire Alarm PAA

    For more info on fire alarm installation and other services, contact us Alpha Fire & Security Systems at 908-370-9000!

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