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    Fire Alarm Installation

    Alpha Fire & Security Systems
    With over 44 years in the business, our experience in the Alpha Fire & Security Systems is unmatched. Our customer base consists of the businesses and residents in Secaucus NJ, and across the nation. Allowing us to provide the best service to each and every customer. We stand by every one of the products we offer and develop solutions to meet all of your Life-Safety needs.

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    Our sales team approaches each home or business with the same goal in mind: to ensure the customer has the right equipment to get the job done.

    Our motto is YES WE CAN: we strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. When others cannot find a solution for you, we go above and beyond to do just that!

    Our services include:
    Fire Alarm Installation and Alarm & Detection Systems
    • Early Warning Smoke Detection Systems
    • Ultraviolet/Infrared Detection Systems
    • Pre-Action Detection Systems
    • Linear Heat Detection Systems
    • Emergency Lighting & Power Systems

    Additionally, Alpha Fire & Security Systems offers comprehensive consulting services and project management for an extensive line of protection systems. From initial cost estimating, permitting and documentation, to programming and parts inventory, Alpha Fire & Security Systems maximizes your budget and takes pride in providing the industry’s best support services.

    NFPA 72

    Secaucus NJ Fire Alarm Installation

    Alpha Fire & Security Systems has led the fire industry with innovative Signature with fire alarm installation and fire detection and alarm solutions. From economical hardwired control panels to high-end life safety and emergency communication platforms. EST stands alone with their technology, from the all new redesigned Signature 2 series detectors with includes interchangeable CO detector, to the new EST-3X control panel.

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    Fire alarm installation is our strength is in our Strategic Partners — the people and organizations we entrust with the technology that has charted the course of life safety protection for decades. Strategic Partners are not middlemen or go-betweens. They are independent contractors that form an integral part of the Edwards marketing and support organization. As insiders, they enjoy exclusive access to products, custom design innovations, specialized training, and pricing privileges.

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    Yet as successful independent contractors, they are adept at ensuring that each submittal is strong and competitive, and that each bid is locally relevant to your installation. As local businesses, they not only have to earn your trust — they have to keep it. Together these strengths set EST installations apart, and have earned this brand a special place among life safety and security solutions available today. Perhaps that’s why EST products and systems have become the choice of building owners, architects and engineers around the globe.

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