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    Fire Alarm Installation

    New Jersey’s Leading Fire Alarm Systems Integrator

    Fire Alarm Installation Systems | Alpha Fire & Security Systems
    The purpose of a fire alarm installation system in a commercial, retail, healthcare or other setting is to ensure the safety of the people on the premises and to protect the property against the ravages of fire and smoke. To do this, intelligent fire alarm systems warn occupants and authorities that a fire is in progress.

    Alpha Fire & Security Systems is a leader in the design, installation, and service of basic addressable to sophisticated campus networked fire systems for commercial offices, high-rise buildings, healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, educational facilities, campuses, industrial plants, and detention centers.

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    Fire Alarm Installation Service Cost

    Our services include:
    Fire Alarm Installation and Alarm & Detection Systems
    • Early Warning Smoke Detection Systems
    • Ultraviolet/Infrared Detection Systems
    • Pre-Action Detection Systems
    • Linear Heat Detection Systems
    • Emergency Lighting & Power Systems

    Additionally, Alpha Fire & Security Systems offers comprehensive consulting services and project management for an extensive line of protection systems. From initial cost estimating of your fire alarm installation, permitting and documentation, to programming and parts inventory, Alpha Fire & Security Systems maximizes your budget and takes pride in providing the industry’s best support services.

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    Jersey City NJ Fire Alarm Installation

    Why Choose Alpha Fire & Security Systems?
    • No subcontracting to finish jobs
    • More than 45 years of combined experience
    • In business since 1986
    • Family-owned and operated
    • Licensed, bonded and insured for your protection.

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    Types of Fire Alarm Systems & Services
    There are three major types of fire detection sensors that make up the various fire alarm systems: thermal detectors, ionization detectors and photoelectric detectors. Your fire detection system and early warnings will save lives and valuable assets. But no single fire alarm solution will fit the needs of all facilities. The best fire detection sensors and related alarm system for your building or facility is one that is designed and engineered to meet your specific needs.
    • Addressable analog smoke detection and ADA (visual alarms) signaling
    • High-rise voice evacuation and firefighter phone systems
    • Smoke control for air-handling units for elevators and doorways
    • Testing, troubleshooting and hardwired additions to NOTIFIER and Silent Knight
    • Annual testing program
    • Fire Alarm System Application by Facility Type
    • Industrial – NOTIFIER network-addressable fire alarm and reporting systems
    • Schools – NOTIFIER addressable voice evacuation systems
    • School Districts – Multi-building test and maintenance contracts, NOTIFIER systems.
    • Retail – NOTIFIER addressable fire alarm panels
    • Commercial Office Buildings – NOTIFIER addressable fire alarm panels

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    Through the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET), we have personnel that are Levels II, III, and IV Certified and have over a century of combined experience in the design, installation, programming and testing of systems – ranging from small single-zone panels, to large multi-node, network-addressable systems.

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