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    Fire Alarm Installation

    About Alpha Fire & Security Systems
    Nationwide Fire Protection Services Since 1999, Alpha Fire & Security Systems has performed fire and life safety services for numerous corporate and government clients across the United States. Our professional technicians have decades of experience keeping facilities of all types and sizes up to code and ensuring that tenants are kept safe.

    We pride ourselves in developing lifelong relationships with our clients and partners. Every customer of Alpha Fire & Security Systems is assigned a consultant who will help design cost-effective fire and life safety solutions, specific to the customer’s budget and needs.

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    Fire safety codes and regulations are not static and can undergo rapid change on a local, state or national level. Our fire & life safety professionals will help keep you up to date on the latest National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) code, OSHA regulations and Local Laws, so you will never be caught unprepared for an inspection by the fire department or a fire marshal.

    Nationwide Fire Protection Services Corporate responsibility and giving back to our community are core components of Alpha Fire & Security Systems values. Alpha Fire & Security Systems’s “Alpha Fire & Security Systems Cares’ program encompasses our effort to create awareness.

    Elizabeth NJ Fire Alarm Installation

    Alpha Fire & Security Systems offers, new and existing customers, comprehensive cost-benefit analysis for our fire and life safety services. In a dire situation, Alpha Fire & Security Systems will dispatch our emergency response team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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    Fire Alarm Installation System
    A well-maintained Fire Alarm system is necessary to keep people and property safe in your establishment. Suitable testing, inspection and maintenance of Fire Alarm Installation systems can help save lives and property. Alpha Fire & Security Systems specializes in all conventional and addressable Fire Alarm systems. We will also help you with testing, inspection and maintenance of your alarm systems.

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    Alarm Services:
    Nationwide Fire Protection Services

    • Fire/smoke alarms installation and maintenance
    • fire alarm monitoring service
    • Alarms serviced and tested on a consistent service schedule per NFPA 72
    • 24-hr emergency service

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    Alarm & Detection Systems include:

    • Nationwide Fire Protection Services
    • Flame Detection
    • Heat Detection
    • Linear Heat Detection
    • Beam Smoke Detection
    • Optical Flame
    • Air Sampling Detection
    • Waterflow Detection
    • High Rise/Fireman Phone
    • Smoke Detection
    • Flammable Gas Detection

    All products and services are in accordance with NFPA 72 — National Fire Alarm Code

    Contact Alpha Fire & Security Systems for a complete survey and submittal for all your life safety services!

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