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    Fire Alarm Installation

    Fire Alarm Experts
    Alpha Fire & Security Systems is a licensed Fire Alarm & Security Firm. We are a full-service alarm company dedicated to fire alarm installation service provided at the lowest possible price. We provide Central Station Service in New Jersey. We believe in our people helping people, not voicemail. That is why we always have someone personally answer your calls.

    Fire Alarm Installation Service Cost

    Top 10 Reasons to Use Alpha Fire & Security Systems

    ALARM RESPONSE AT NIGHT: We have technicians on duty until midnight (not just program operators) to make your problem our problem.

    SAVINGS: First Cost for a Fire Alarm Installation is often not the big cost. Test & Inspection cost, cleaning cost, repair cost, service cost, and service calls can be a huge expense with other companies.

    MONITORING: We monitor your alarm signals, not just the Central Station. In this way, we can spot problems before they become emergencies.

    CARE PROGRAM: With Alpha Fire & Security Systems, “Fire Alarm Care Program” we can eliminate Fire Department fines, penalties, violations, and summonses as no other provider can.

    BEST EQUIPMENT: We only install the best equipment available on the market.

    Clark NJ Fire Alarm Installation

    FLEXIBILITY: We can work with your electrician, if needed, to supervise the fire alarm installation. Then we can be your fire service company.

    CUSTOMER SERVICE: With Alpha Fire & Security Systems you are important – not just a number.

    PERSONALIZED SERVICE: With Alpha Fire & Security Systems you will have your own dedicated technician who knows your building.

    QUALITY: We only install life-of-the-building quality equipment.

    Fire Alarm Installation Near Me

    RAPID RESPONSE: Our rapid response, for all your alarm needs will save you money in the long run.
    …and reason #1 – We Care!
    • Customer Service First
    • Alarm Service at Night
    • Rapid Response to Problems
    • Emergency Service

    Best Local Fire Alarm Installation 07066

    Our Award Winning Service is available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
    • Fire & Smoke Alarms
    • Sprinkler Alarms
    • Class E Systems
    • Smoke Purge Systems
    • Fire Transmitters
    • Evacuation Systems

    Price Quote Fire Alarm Installation Clark NJ

    Alpha Fire & Security Systems is your provider for:
    Installation of New Jersey Fire Department Approved Fire, Smoke, and Sprinkler Alarm Systems
    • Old Code: LL5/73, LL16/84, LL41/78, LL58/87, and ADA
    • New Code: A,B,E,F,H,I,M,R,S,U
    • Fire Alarm Transmitters and New Jersey Fire Department Approved 24-Hour Central Station Monitoring
    • Fire Alarm Repair, Maintenance, Testing, and Inspection Services
    • 24-Hour Fire Alarm Emergency Service
    • Technicians on duty until midnight
    • Engineering Design through Fire Department sign off
    • Fast and Efficient Violation Removal
    • Special Pricing for Non-Profit Organizations
    • NYC BSA/MEA Magnetic Door Locks with Fire Alarm Release
    • Letters of Approval
    • We Service All Major Brands of Fire Alarm Equipment

    Fire Alarm Design
    Our Fire Alarm Design Solutions Include:
    • Drafting, Design & Engineering
    • Filling and Expediting with DOB & FDNJ
    • Fire Alarm Design Violations
    • Fire Alarm PAA

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