Access Control

Access Control

An integral part of a comprehensive security system is access control. Using card reader technology, access to a building, room or area is restricted to authorized people who possess one or more credentials. When integrated into a security system, card access systems give you complete control over the built environment. Today, Web-based software extends the ability to provide and control access to multiple and remote sites wherever and whenever the need arises.

Consultation & Design

Alpha Fire & Security will consult with your security team to devise a custom security solution based on your industry and specific level of risk presented by your business location and type of area restriction needed. Card access systems can be integrated into existing security and fire alarm systems as well as lighting controls and HVAC systems giving you multiple layers of control. Local computer networks can also be secured by an access control system. Your IT staff can deploy and monitor access to data using a one use credential. Alpha Fire & Security’s design team will create an integrated system that fits your security and access control needs as well as your budget.

Our NICET trained and UL certified design engineers will create and provide you with detailed documentation of electrical drawings, hardware schematics, network configuration and software integration. Because each industry and business has its own unique access control concerns, Alpha Fire & Security is experienced in all card reader technologies like Wiegand, proximity, bar code, magnetic stripe, dual verification and biometric.

Installation & Training

Regardless of if Alpha Fire & Security is installing a new security system or integrating access control into an existing security and fire alarm system our NICET trained technicians take the time, care and attention needed to ensure that all systems are working separately and in conjunction with each other as needed.

Once all systems are installed, tested and inspected, Alpha Fire & Security will train your security team in system and administrative operations such as: how to track and locate people, how to operate an onsite or a Web-based system, how to access informational reports and how to process a history of each credential.

Whether your access control system consists of a single entrance or is a complex networked system, Alpha Fire & Security offers you the expertise, knowledge and integrity you expect to secure and protect your employees, customers and assets. Call us for a no obligation consultation at 908-370-9000.